Development Process

Development Process

P Development Process is to help Hub IT Solutions clients to be able to get what they want in a suitable timeframe and to maintain a suitable software development procedure. During development of a custom software for Hub IT Solutions clients we maintain Development Process strictly, so that we do not get in trouble on development procedure and stuck all development process. Generally, Hub IT Solutions divide total process into 3 Phases. These phases are to speed up the development process for our clients. The phase and details are given.

1. Discovery
2. Design
3. Development


Discovery Phase

1 O this phase Hub IT Solutions will discuss what you want from us, they will figure out and discuss about what you can and what you can't. The Discussion will be on technology steck, building process, software applications, implementations and more. Currently, we support One meting for discussion phase. Hub IT Solutions will send you Project Manager or Tech Lead to handle the meeting.A Base of the software functions will be discussed during this phase. after compleating of this meeting you will have 2 files.

1. Idea Dump
2. Scope of work

Idea Dump Example Scope of Work Example


Design Phase

2 Design Phase is created to give you exact Idea of what is going to be after project completion. On design phase our design team will bring your software replica as close as actual software. On this phase depending on clients Hub IT Solutions permits One meeting and 2 revisions. Maximum 10 revisions can be arranged and each extra revision will be charged. On this phase after every revesion completion company will provide you a PDF file with overall design or a link to review whole design and comment for revision. After completion of this phase Scope of Work will be updated.

PDF Design Example Design Link Example


Development Phase

3 On this phase Hub IT Solutions will start coding for software. No revision from the client will considered in this phase. Different development stages and payment mode will discussed with the client. After completion of every stage Hub IT Solutions will prove live soft dummy and client will bound to their commitment to respond invoices. Generally, This phase is divided into 3 sections. After completion of Q/A Testing Software will be given VS-1.0 and ready to deploy on client server. All Sections are ...

1. Coading According to stages
2. Q/A Testing At list 5 revisions
3. Deployment Max 1-3 Days