Garments ERP 4.3.2

Garments ERP 4.3.2

G Garments ERP is a ERP software which was developed by Hub IT Solutions to be able to manage garments resourses and have a simple management system. The Garments ERP alse have a integration on Hub IT Solutions latest accounting software.

Competible with all devices & operating system.

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UI Dashboard

Hub IT Solutions offers the most user-friendly online interface to its users. The control panel is efficiently designed to help you stay in control of your target device.

What Can You Monitor?
Simply log in to your online account and you can monitor all the data from your control panel. The control panel allows you to send multiple commands, control features, and view data. There are several setting options available for you to customize the control panel. It can be easily accessed by a PC or a laptop. The superior design and extensive research of the UI make Hub IT Solutions control panel, one of the best among all monitoring applications.

1. Attractive Dashboard.
2. Mobile friendly interface.
3. Option to view each activity individually.
4. Easy Module & Widget access.
5. Export option for xls,csv,pdf.
6. Search & Summary Options.

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Contact Manager

Do you need to monitor the Contact manager of your target device? Get this service developed by Hub IT Solutions!

What Can You Monitor?
1. Contact name and details. 2. Contact numbers. 3. View deleted contacts.

How does It Work?
The application, when installed, takes a back-up of the Contact Manager data from the target device. It instantly uploads the data to your user account, for you to monitor. Once uploaded, you will be able to view the data even if it gets deleted from the target phone. Why Should You Use Hub IT Solutions Contact Manager Monitoring Feature?

Employee Monitoring
As an employer, you will be able to monitor your employee’s Contact Manager data. This will help you keep a check on whom your employee is contacting.

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Strong Security

When building a house, several factors can affect its sturdiness over the period of construction. In the same light, when setting up security at the application layer, all stages, from development, to building and maintenance need to be given attention. If the necessities to build a sturdy house are a proper maintenance crew, quality bricks, cement, thermal protection, etc. the necessities for strong web application security are secure coding, web scanner, web-based malware detection, web application firewall, and data security. applications. application security compatibility bellow...

1. Secure Coding.
2. Web Scanner.
3. Web Application Firewall.
4. Web-based Malware Detection.
5. Data Security.

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Device Information

Do you need to monitor the Device Information of your target? Get this service from Hub It Solutions for FREE!

What Can You Monitor?
With the Hub It Solutions app, you can monitor the following Device Information Device Information

1. Operating System version of the device.
2. Software version of the device.
3. Time and date stamps for the latest Internet detection on the device.
4. Device’s account details.

How does It Work?
The application, when installed, takes a back-up of the Device Information from the target device. It instantly uploads the data to your user account, for you to monitor.